31 Jan 10 important flight etiquette rules you must know

Long flights, tight quarters, dry air and crying babies, flights are never the most exciting part of your trip! Doesn’t it annoy you when the person in front of you reclines there seat into your personal space, or chews loudly on a piece of gum?

If you are new to travelling or simply haven’t heard of proper flight etiquette you may want to pay attention! 😉

Here are 10 important etiquette rules to follow when on a flight: 


1- Be gentle with your table and TV screen:

All that stuff is attached to your fellow travellers seat. Nobody wants there seat to be tossed around while you aggressively type on your keyboard.

2- Don’t recline your seat too much:

Be courteous and don’t recline your seat all the way down, nothing is quite as annoying as having a strangers scalp right in your face.

3- The middle guy gets both armrests: 12633076_10154042615238394_1346754474_o

This one is a no brainer, the person by the window gets to lean against the wall, the person on the alley side gets the outer arm rest and to spread out in the lane. The poor sucker stuck in the middle gets both arm rests! :p Just give it up!

4- Don’t be messy, tissues, stuff everywhere:

It is no fun for anybody when the person next to you spreads there garbage everywhere and leaves it there for the whole flight. Try to keep your thin
gs to yourself, don’t invade your neighbours space with your junk!  🙂

5- Use a travel pillow :

Simply to avoid falling asleep on a strangers shoulder! That would just be way to awkward!

6- Use headphones:

Even though “Pretty little liars” is pretty great, I doubt the whole flight wants you to ruin the ending for them! (I don’t think it EVER ends…!) Try to avoid cranking up you volume, even using headphones, on overnight flights. When it’s quiet in a plane, everyone will hear what you’re listening to.

7- Don’t stink:

Do I need to explain? Wear deodorant, PLEASE! That does not mean to shower in perfume either! Try to smell pleasant! 🙂

8- The seat in front of you isn’t a handle:

Aircraft seats can be really tight, and after being in sitting position for hours it can be difficult to get out of your seat. Avoid using the seat in front of you to pry yourself up! Because thats just not nice!

9- Don’t eat loud crunchy snacks on overnight flights: 

Eating carrot sticks or Ms.Vicky’s chips in the middle of an overnight flight may be very disturbing to others. It is already hard enough to fall asleep on a flight. Keep the crunchy snacks for the morning!

10- Don’t block the alley:

When boarding of getting off the plane, don’t stop right in the middle, blocking traffic, to unpack your whole carry on to find headphones! Have a small personal bag with your in-flight essentials. It will make boarding and getting off a breeze!


Sit back, enjoy the flight!

Share with us your flight experiences!

Jenn & Rich

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