20 Jan 10 Items you didn’t know you needed on an All inclusive vacation!

All inclusive vacations are a great way to embrace your wanderlust without the stress of planning. There are a couples ways to make all inclusive vacations better! I know!! How the heck? Not having to wakeup to an alarm, not having to make your own food, not having to make your bed, clean dishes, shovel your driveway, not having to scrape ice off your car, can it really get better?

IT CAN! OH, my friend, it can… Listen up! Here’s what you will need!

1- One or two 26oz. bottles of your favorite liquors

2- Two bottles of juice, to mix with those bottles

3- A pack of dollar store disposable paper coffee cups … (see where this is going?)

Now, my friend, if you have never been on an all inclusive trip before, you will find out that the travel company has a coach shuttle service from the airport to your resort. Why is this relevant to a packing list… Well, you are allowed to drink on these busses! SAY WHAT? Yeah! Sure, they sell beer for dirt cheap (2 or 3$) but if you are not a beer drinker… mixing your own drink goes a long way to get this party started! So put all 3 items in a big freezer grade zipper bag, back it at the very top of your suitcase, easy access! Pull it out just before you board the bus and put your suitcase under the coach. You will even have enough to share and start making friends on this vacation!

4- Your own towel! Yes, yes they provide you with one! But wouldn’t you rather be able to spot your chair from a distance, and not have people mistake you towel for theirs? Resorts charge guests a fee for losing towels… Some turn to petty theft to avoid the fee!


5- Face sunscreen! Why? Because after 3 days of scorching sun, your face will get irritated by the heavy sunscreen. It is worth investing in a good face sunscreen and avoid having your eyes burning for hours!

6- A Bubba mug! This is an essential! No joke! Get on it! 20 oz. is the perfect size! It keeps your drink cold. These resorts serve there drinks in tiny little plastic cups. Really small! Pool water, or worse, ocean water gets into your drink and by the time you get to your chair, you’ve drank it all!

7- Dixie cups & Ping pong balls! Because… C’mon! What better way than beer pong to make friends and have fun! Especially when the drinks are free! Find a table in a corner, don’t disturb peoples peace, borrow a platter from the bar and you have a party! Make sure to rinse them each night, you will be surprised by what people would give for a couple balls and dixie cups!

8- A floaty! Nothing better than a nap on a floating mattress, just lounging around on the pool, on a hungover morning! Buy a cheap one at a large surface store for less than 10$, when you are done with it, donate it to a poor soul who didn’t read this packing list and is missing out!

9- Snacks!
I mean, those drunken late night snacks! Myself, brownies! OMG! Resorts don’t typically have great desserts. I always pack my own!


10- Hot sauce! Sriracha free islands should be banished! Just kidding! Just bring your own if you can’t live without it!

In most cases I am an advocate to light packing! But for all inclusive trips, why bother? You are heading to one destination, staying there for an extended period of time without having to carry anything around! So pack that suitcase with all the goodies you can to make it memorable! Most things on this list will be left behind anyways to make room for souvenirs!

Make it memorable!




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