10 reasons why travelling changes you!

09 Feb 10 reasons why travelling changes you!

Are you who you want to be? Did you achieve your dreams, are you knocking those items off the bucket list? Travelling might be a big part of your life, or you want it to become your life? Satisfying your wanderlust will come at a cost, it will change you in numerous ways. Here are 10 reasons why travelling changes you:

1-It opens you mind:DSCN2718

You may think you are open minded. By travelling you will open your eyes to an array of cultures. You will come back a better person, not saying your aren’t already (haha), but you will understand different customs, traditions and foods better!

2-You will find yourself:

You will always have something to learn about yourself. Travelling alone is probably one of the most insightful things you could do. Even travelling with others will make you learn more about yourself and how you act around someone for an extended period of time. You will surprise yourself I am certain! While travelling with Richard I quickly realized I couldn’t micro manage everything, I leant how to ride off the seat of my pants. He enjoys spontaneous, last minute decisions. I also learnt that I am more resourceful than I thought!  Get out there and do you!

3-Skills you don’t need a smartphone for:

You will learn how to get around using a map, how to converse with locals that don’t speak the same language. You will become an airport savvy and a train connoisseur. Travelling will become easier with time as you will know the logistics behind getting around. You will also develop a flair for the good restaurants and finding great neighbourhoods.

4-Educate yourself:post43

Economy, politics, religion and social ethics, all things you will learn without even trying while in a different country. You will know more about the world and its people. Stuff they attempt to teach you in school, just a lot less boring this time around! 🙂

5- Self confidence:

How great would it feel to satisfy your life long travel dreams? How good would you feel after achieving those dreams you never thought you’d be able to. You will have great stories to tell and amazing memories to go with them!

6- You will never want to settle:

Travelling also changes you in ways that are not so great for todays society. Once you travel far far away, home never seems satisfying. The itch to pick up and see new places never leaves. You will be surrounded by wanderlust and it will haunt you! It’s an addiction! They says it’s “dangerous” to travel lots in your 20’s because it might change your view on life so much that you will never feel at home ever again and will always look for a way to getaway!

7- New languages:11742756_10153580099738394_4083897350232928690_n

If you go somewhere long enough you will end up assimilating some of the local lingo! Embrace that!

8- The relationships:

You will meet fellow travellers and the most welcoming locals! It’s hard to say goodbye, but keeping in touch is easy now thanks to social media. Who knows, maybe you will be able to offer them your couch when they visit your home town! What a great way to connect with different cultures! Find friends who know how to cook, they can teach you the local cuisine! 😉 haha

9- Changes your priorities:

It will make you change your living habits. You will see yourself cut out the more frivolous things in your life and live with whats needed. It’s a force of habit, living out of a suitcase isn’t much different. Or maybe you will be saving up for the next trip?

10- Starting a family? Not yet…:

If you are thinking of starting a family in the near future, be aware that travelling might change you to the point where you will want to delay or change your plans! I am not saying that one is better than the other, simply warning you that finding a balance might be a challenge. Hopefully your better half shares the same priorities as you! 🙂

Looking at all these, I see more reasons to travel than not to. Our words to you are; follow your dreams, only good can come of that! Adventures will always make you grow as a person!

Have you been changed by travel?


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