10 ways to make sure you never forget your vacation!

01 Feb 10 ways to make sure you never forget your vacation!

Ever wonder how to make your trips last a lifetime? If you are like Richard and I, you spend a considerable amount on numerous adventures! What do you have to show for once you are back home, and the money is spent? Memories! Memories are worth just as much as the experience itself!

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remember all those beautiful moments without a little help!

To help you eternalize your memories we have came up with 10 ways to make sure you never forget your vacation!


1- Keep a journal:

I know, I know! You’re not a 10 year old girl! Hear me out! How cool would it be, 10 years from now, to read this journal you kept on your trip to Costa rica or Paris over a glass of Pinot? How amazing would it be for you to include polaroid pictures, train tickets, receipts and other souvenirs in that journal, and hand it down to your children or grandchildren? Talk about a cool legacy!

2- Send yourself post cards:

Cheesy, I agree! Picture you coming back from a long trip to a bunch of post cards from past you in a different country?
Or even better, receive them a week after you have been back into your work routine, and be sent back into those beautiful memories! You can then add those post cards to your journal, a scrap book, a memory box or simply accumulate them on your fridge!

3- Use Social Print Studio APP:

This California based humble printing company offers a beautifully designed APP that allows you to upload pictures from anywhere with WIFI or Data connection and have them printed and shipped to your home for a modest cost! They offer an impressive array of picture sizes, frames, photo albums, panoramic prints, polaroid style and many more! Check them out! I love this APP, there service is stellar!

4- Frame pictures:

Don’t just say you will. Pick out a nice Pinterest frame project and put your memories up on your walls! Your guests will love them and they will always be a good conversation starter and a great way to remind yourself that you are living the dream that many people can’t live!

5- Make a Scrapbook!:

If you don’t feel like writing in your journal during your trip, save some small souvenirs like receipts, pictures, pamphlets, and put together a scrapbook when you come home! Place it on your coffee table so your guests can look through it! I promise, it’ll be a hit.

6- Start a collection:

Richard and I collect magnets from each city or each getaway. Our fridge is starting to look crowded but every time we 12669103_10154045802048394_742365331_oreach for a glass of milk we are reminded of how lucky we are!  Coffee mugs, key chains, coasters, stamps and bookmarks are other examples of things that you could collect.

7- Pin up world map:

Frame a beautiful world map and put a thumbtack in each city or country you visit. It will look great on your wall, and will engage conversation. Richard custom made me this humongous world map to record our adventures for my birthday last year! 🙂

8- Make souvenir boxes:

Build or buy decorative boxes and label them with the places you have visited, fill them with random items you have collected on each trip! They are always a blast to go through once in a while!

9- Put up a Cork board:

Running out of space on your fridge? Invest in a cute cork board and vintage thumbtacks and pin up your souvenirs. You can switch items around to match your decor and season. It is a stylish way to engage conversation and to remind yourself of those amazing moments!

10- Start a blog: 

Don’t feel like scrapbooking, keeping a journal or collecting items? Start a travel blog! It is a great way to document your adventures and a great way to make sure your memories will never be lost!


We hope to inspire you to invest in your memories. Because we see travelling like that, an investment! By travelling you are investing in yourself, your culture, knowledge, your happiness and, who knows, it might just change your way of life!

Don’t let those memories fade away! Share with us your way of remembering your cherished memories!


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