5 Reasons you should visit Cinque Terre, Italy! – 2 Forks in The Road

24 Feb 5 Reasons you should visit Cinque Terre, Italy! – 2 Forks in The Road


View of Vernazza from Hiking trails

When Richard and I backpacked Italy and Greece in spring 2016 we were told to stay in Cinque Terre for a couple days! And Boy! We did not regret it! Cinque Terre are five little fishing towns on the West coast of Italy, UNESCO protected, they offer far more than just jaw-dropping views! Here are just a couple reasons why you should visit too!



1-The Food !

Of course, its Italy… you will be pressed to find bad food around here. But the seafood here is caught daily and cooked to absolute perfection! From fancy restaurants with a view that will bring tears to your eyes to fresh takeout bites, you will find something to
satisfy your taste and budget!


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2- The Sunset ! IMG_1996

Some people say “The sun sets the same way everywhere”, but there is something magical about the sunset here. From any of the 5 villages you can find a spot to sit and admire it for free. Talk about memory making, money saving perfectness. We sat on the rocky beach of Vernazza and dwelled on how the heck we got to be so lucky  and live our dreams of travelling!

3- The hikes ! 

Holy! If you want a workout and you aren’t afraid of heights you MUST walk the narrow paths that connect all 5 villages of Cinque Terre. Don’t be fooled by the maps, the paths are steep, irregular and dug into the cliffside. We hiked from Vernazza to Monterosso and it took us about 3hrs at a good pace. I will never forget the views, the Old man making fresh pressed orange juice in the trail, selling it to hikers or the little lemonade stand we ran into on the way. The most memorable hike we have done!



4- Lemoncello Spritz ! FullSizeRender-3

Nothing quite better than a refreshing lemony cocktail in the sun! After spending time in Tuscany and Venice we were wanting something more refreshing than wine. (Don’t get me wrong, the wine here is amazing too!!) Lemons here are a local gem, nothing like the supermarket weeks-old lemons we find here!


5- Beaches !

Sure they aren’t white sandy beaches like in the Bahamas, but c’mon, its the Mediterranean ocean… stunning! Monterosso has a beautiful, long pebble beach. After our hike, Richard and I grabbed some takeout pizza, a couple beer (and maybe a Spritz or two! 😉 ) and sat on the beach for hours!FullSizeRender-1
If you travel to Italy, do yourself a favour and make your way to Cinque Terre! It is easily accessible by train for an affordable price. You can not drive in most of the villages, bringing a vehicle would be more trouble than anything. If you have a vehicle, drive it to La Spezia, and take the train from there! Rent an AirBnB and you will not be disappointed!



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