24 Jan 5 websites to help you plan your next vacation

post16Where to begin? It can get quite overwhelming to plan a trip from scratch. Sure you can rely on a travel agent or an and get a guided coach tour…but wheres the fun in that? Plus, you will most likely spend double than if you just plan it yourself.

Richard and I have been planning a 36 day long trip to Italy and Greece for a year now! Throughout the year we have found some really helpful websites.

Here are the 5 best websites we have found to help you on your journey!

1- TripAdvisor.ca : I am sure you are familiar with this one! This website is a great resource for reviews on just about anything! Hotels, attractions, parks and much more. You can also lookup hotel availability and make reservations at restaurants. If you don’t have an account yet, get on it!

2- Skyscanner.ca : This one was suggested to me by a friend, it compares tons of airlines and flights to offer you the best deal on your flight! Best part is thats you can set up an “alert” and skyscanner will send you an email every time your desired flight changes prices! It’s a good way to make an informed purchase. Make sure if your in Canada to use the Canadian website.

3- AirBnB.ca (use this link to save 25$ on your next rental): This one is my favourite! Why stay in a hotel when you could stay in a full apartment with laundry, wifi, a kitchen and a better location. Through this website you can safely reserve an apartment or a room in pretty much any city in the world! It is quite impressive! Just plug in a couple filters, zoom in on the map to specific areas where you would like to stay and, Voilà! It is often cheaper than a hotel room, usually has better location and is more practical. What I particularly love about this website, is that you get to meet with a local person who will direct you to time worthy places.

4- Trivago.ca : Looking for a hotel? With a good location? Look no further, with this website you can look at the map and compare hotels and prices. It compares multiple websites to get you the best price! We have used this website to find hotels in remote areas of our trip! It’s a definite go to.

5- Budget your trip.com : This one was Richards baby! He budgeted our whole 36 days long trip on this website! Just put in the city you are visiting and it will tell you, on average, how much one day would cost you. You can decide what kind of budget you are on (low, average or high) and it will give you a rough number! It’s a good reference if you are planning a longer trip where the currency is different.

With these tools you can begin researching your dream destination! These will give you an idea of which attractions to visit, where to stay and how much it will cost you!

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by planning a trip by yourself! It truly is the only way you will get the freedom of seeing everything you want to see.

Any websites you use as a travel tool? Please share them with us in the comment section!

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