Best books to bring on your next trip!

30 Jan Best books to bring on your next trip!

A good way to entertain yourself on long flights or to relax on a beautiful beach is to read a captivating book. Here are our suggestions for your next adventure!

Still Alice, by Lisa Genova : This book is a true insight to Alzheimer’s disease and it’s devastating effect on a person and their family. Live through an accomplished university professor and her struggles with early onset Alzheimer’s. This book will make you feel things you haven’t felt before!


The fault in our stars, by John Green : This romantic novel exposes the beautiful relationship between two young people struck by terminal cancer. Yes, there is a movie, but the book is always superior!


The maze runner series, by James Dashner : This series of 4 books will keep you on the edge of your seat. Action packed and well written it will keep you engaged throughout all 4 books!


Before I go to sleep, by S.J.Watson : This suspenseful novel might keep you up at night! Imagine waking up every morning and forgetting who you are, where you are or what your whole life was about!

Gone girl, by Gillian Flynn : This is my favourite book of all times! It is very difficult to put this book down once you start. A mans wife disappears on there anniversary. As the mystery unfolds you will learn to love and hate all the characters with passion! You MUST read this one! Yes, there is a movie, but please… Please read the book!


The Glass castle, by Jeanette Walls : This memoir represents a life of struggles, child abuse, hardship and poverty. Visit Jeanette’s past and her life obstacles. This book will make you realize how good your life is!


The weight of blood, by Laura McHugh : This mysterious book compares a mother and her daughters life as young adults. See what happens when Lucy, the daughter, discovers a secret regarding her mothers death years ago.


We hope that these books will entertain you on your next trip!

What books would you suggest for us to read on our next vacation?


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