23 Jan Boston & Provincetown Quickie!

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house! Richard and I are known to grasp the moment and hit the road for a spontaneous 48 hour quickie! We pull up a map and look for destinations we can drive to and hit the road! We try to find a nice local place to stay, local restaurants and enjoy the area.

This time we decided to drive to Boston and rent an adorable B&B in Provincetown. For those who aren’t familiar with Provincetown, it is a small beach town past Cape Cod, at the very point of the state. Coming from Sudbury ON, it took us about 14hours to get to Provincetown.


We rented a room at Anchor Inn. A beautiful B&B with friendly service and an even better view! Of course we visited in October during off season, so prices were fairly low. The free parking was also very convenient!

See reviews and availability for Anchor Inn here.

The Anchor Inn had an absolute perfect location right on the main road. To our surprise, we discovered that Provincetown has the reputation of being the gay, lesbian and transgender capital of the country. There was a convention going on that weekend, which made the town enjoyably crowded.


Of course it was too cold to swim, however, we enjoyed a great walk on the beach. If you walk down the main road, you will notice an open air mall, you can walk through it and you end up on the beach.

Most stores were closed when we visited which, according to us, gave it a eyry charm. The town had an old european feel to it.

After a great night by the fireplace, listening to the waves with a beautiful glass of wine, we decided to drive to make a
day trip to Boston! From Provincetown, it takes about 3hours to get to Boston, we took the backroads which offered us a way more exciting and beautiful drive.


Finding parking in this big city is quite the challenge! Find a parking garage, ditch the car and use public transportation! Since we were only in Boston for a couple hours, we decided to opt for the classic Trolley tour. Very touristy, total cliché, but oh so informative! This tour works as a Hop-on, hop-off system. You buy your ticket for the day at one of the many service points, hope-on or off at any stop. While on board, the driver/tour guide describes the monuments and lists many fun facts and good to knows about the city and its history! Its practical to be able to get around the city while learning about it at the same time. The guides are very knowledgeable and most of them are hilarious! Needless to say, we had a blast and learned a lot!


Find out more about Trolley tours.

Visit the port, the waterfront is beautiful! It does’t matter where you eat, you have to try the fish or have seafood! It’s a no brainer, the seafood is so fresh and delicious. If you like oysters, you have to drop into Union Oyster house! Oysters are to die for and the clam chowder is a great way to warm up on a cool autumn day


We will definitely be back to Boston and re-visit the Cape Cod region.

Don’t spend your weekend on the couch, there’s a whole world out there you haven’t met yet. There’s always time for adventure!



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