Can’t afford to Travel? Ditch your Morning Latte! – 2 Forks in The road

05 Mar Can’t afford to Travel? Ditch your Morning Latte! – 2 Forks in The road

Do you dream to travel more? See the world? But you have kids, a mortgage, work, can’t afford it? We all have something holding us back! Excuses are easy to make when it comes to our personal dreams.

But really, are you born to work, pay bills, have kids and die? When you think about it, you are simply making excuses on living your life to the fullest. Don’t miss out on it!


IMG_0151Your morning coffee is worth a trip on its own! When you think about it, a regular large coffee goes for about 2$ and your average latte goes for 4$. Now lets just assume that you buy a regular coffee per week day at your local coffee shop.

Five coffees a week, at 2$ each brings you up to 20$ a week! Four weeks in one month, 80$ a month. Twelve months in a year, that represents 960$ per year! All that could go into a “Rainy day/Travel jar”!

Double that number if you drink lattes daily! Imagine the possibilities!


What can 960$ buy me? Well… more than you think! It can get you on an All inclusive vacation once a year! Or even a backpacking trip or a cruise once every two years! And even a european trip every 3 years! Maybe you should start making your own coffee at home? Haha!


Think about it! What vice can you live without? How bad do you want to travel? Don’t let life just pass by… paying bills and going to work isn’t living! Here’s an article on how to start planning your dream vacation!



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