How to be a Tourist in your Hometown!

12 Feb How to be a Tourist in your Hometown!

Feeling like something different but can’t afford or don’T have time to go far? How about a “staycation”? Guaranteed there are things you haven’t seen in your home town yet! We have found a couple ways to make a boring weekend into something special! Here’s how to be a tourist in your hometown!

Book a hotel:

Oh, I know, weird eh? But you would be surprised how “far from home” a hotel will make you feel! Maybe even get away from the clutter at home, or the kids. Haha. Find a decent price at a local hotel, book a nice room, et voilà!

Visit a local museum:12003934_10153735349438394_5582394946052491687_n

Do as the tourists do, visit the cliché museum. Here is sudbury we have a couple options. Sciences north is a great place to start! You can also visit Dynamic earth and be a miner for a couple hours!

Enjoy the great outdoors:

Rent a kayak, a paddle board, snowshoes or even skates and participate in an activity you probably wouldn’t normally try. Renting a bicycle is alway a good option too, you can explore parts of your hometown you haven’t seen yet.

Take pictures:11040171_10153580099598394_7008594140703533974_n

Be a tourist, take lots of pictures! Make memories! Really, it’s not about where you are. It’s about the people you are
with and the memories created!

Try new restaurants:

Visit the Italian neighbourhood, or little India, or whatever neighbourhoods your hometown offers and trying some new dishes you haven’t even heard of! Open up your mind to all the different cultures!



There is something about encouraging your local community that is quite great! Don’t get me wrong, not much beats a good road trip weekend out of town, but when you think of it, encouraging local businesses and getting to know your own town is an important part of your travel culture. It will allow you to be able to talk to foreign tourists about your hometown in a way that they would see it!


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