How to become a Spontaneous Traveller!

07 Feb How to become a Spontaneous Traveller!

Life sure keeps us busy! Mortgage, children, pets, works and all the daily routines, they all make travelling a little harder to achieve. Richard and I are always ready for a quick and spontaneous getaway! Today we will share with you our tricks on how to become a spontaneous traveller.

1- Sign up for Groupon : post50

This website holds an array of vacation packages, hotel promotions and dinner deals! Sign up for their email promotions and you’ll receive weekly promotions. Who knows, maybe something will catch your eye, inspire you to spontaneously disappear for a couple days!

2- Browse on (Use this link to get 25$ off your first rental!):

This amazing website offers original and practical places to stay.  From apartments to houses, trailers, houseboats and ever tree houses, I am positive you will find inspiration here! Find an amazing place, with a great view, find a cheap flight, and there you have it! No need to leave your room for the weekend because it’s so awesome! 🙂

3- Know your schedule:

If you know your schedule and upcoming events, you will be able to make a decision wether to leave or not more easily. By doing so, you will be able to be more spontaneous.

4- Know your budget:

If you know how much money you have available for a trip you will be able to make a spontaneous decision without having to worry. We put away a small amount per pay for rainy day/travelling.  If you don’t know how much money is available, you might miss out on an awesome trip thinking you don’t have the funds. Be ready!

5- Year-round travel insurance:10421432_10153456677388394_8125840712055143181_n-2

If you travel more than twice a year consider investing into year-round travel insurance. You can contact any insurance company about it. I go through VISA and it costs less that 200$/year. It is hassle free, and even if you drive out of province or on a weekend getaway you are covered! It’s worth looking into!

6- Browse

They always have last minute flight deals posted on the website. You can also sign up for flight alerts on specific flights that you are interested in. Good deals are always an incentive for us to just take off somewhere new.

7- Just book it! :

If you know your schedule and budget, and it checks out, don’t hesitate. Just book it! You will not regret it. Try to go somewhere new every year! Travelling is about not regretting spending your entire life in a groggy routine! See the world! Enjoy it!

We hope to help you be more spontaneous! Pick up and go, even if it’s just for a weekend road trip! Adventures always result in growth, you have nothing to lose! 🙂


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