How to plan the Perfect Road Trip! – 2 Forks in The Road

06 Mar How to plan the Perfect Road Trip! – 2 Forks in The Road

One of our favorite ways to getaway is jumping in the car a head somewhere new! It’s a great way to satisfy your wanderlust on the cheap! What’s nice about road trips is that you can glam them up or keep em’ real cheap!

First, when are you leaving?

Start thinking about peak seasons and the attractions you are interested in? Snowmobiling? Skiing? Beaches and camping? Find out how much time you can get off work …

Then, where are you going? 

I usually pull up Google maps, and look at where I can get in a reasonable amount of time, depending on how much time you have off, and find out what your travel times are. Maybe even look for alternate scenic routes with interesting stops along the way?! Why not? Boston, Florida, Chicago, New-York city, US East coast, Québec city, Manitoulin Island, NewBrunswick … we can go on forever here… ! 11760064_10153621120398394_6632850495762722746_n

After that, figure out where you’ll be staying…

Are you going to rent cheap Motels along the way? Plan hotel rooms? Or even bring camping gear? Or sleep in your car? The opportunities are endless and the adventures are guarantied to be exciting!

If you are travelling in the summer, you will stumble upon lots of campgrounds, or you can look it up online quickly and find a cheap place to set up camp!

If you are planning this trip ahead of time, you might want to consider booking an AirBnB or a Hotel! Check this article out “AirBnB VS Hotel” , you can find a discount coupon for AirBnB in there!

Lastly, you just have to up and go! 

You have to remember that, when it comes to read trips, the trip there and back is just as much part of the fun as the destination! So make yourself a killer playlist, find yourself a great copilot and make sure they can rock some shades and sing along! We always pack a couple snacks, some water and as we go, we look up local restaurants and attractions!

You can take a look at two of our recent road trips right here!

Boston and Provincetown quickie! 

Nothing but love for Québec city! 

We hope you have fun! Let us know how your road trips went and what shenanigans you got into!


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