How we plan to afford to Travel with a Baby! – 2 Forks on The Road

18 Jan How we plan to afford to Travel with a Baby! – 2 Forks on The Road

Funny how life throws surprises at you and tries to change all your plans! Richard and I had this idea that we would travel the world and make amazing memories along the way. Well, in May while in Delphi, Greece, we found out we were expecting! Our hearts were full of excitement! We now have a beautiful daughter named Esmée! But what happens to all those plans? We don’t plan on changing any of them! How will we afford it? IMG_0151

Here are a couple ways to save money to travel!

1- Making coffee at home! :

Richard and I brew our own java at home, and avoid those single cup pods… Why? Because they are almost just as expensive as a take out coffee, do the math! If you buy a coffee a day, even just on work days, it’ll cost you 10$ a week! Thats 40$ a month, 480$ for the year!!!! And thats just for one person! Just that little change will get you half, if not more of an all inclusive. (FYI our flight to Venice cost us just that much!)

2- Packing a lunch! :

This one is a no brainer! Don’t buy food at work, it is expensive and most likely not very healthy! Lets not even do the math for this one. If you already do this, good on you! Another trick is to not bring your cards to work, just a small amount of cash in case. It will keep you from buying that unnecessary snack.

3- Making a grocery list! : 

If you plan meals a week ahead and plan a grocery list for those meals you are less likely to waste food and to stick to your weekly budget! Richard and I always have a list and try to keep the food waste to a minimum.

4- Making a Piggy bank! : 

15747608_10155056944318394_3178123862117874875_nWe have an account for Travel money! We watch it grow, it motivates us to keep saving and we love imagining the things we will do with little Esmée when we have enough! Don’t cheat and take money out of it! To us, making those memories with her is worth just as much as her education fund, we make it a priority!

5- Setting goals! :

Plan your trip ahead of time, maybe not to the last detail, but plan enough to know how much it will cost. Do research on when is the best time to visit, where to stay, what sites to see and how much it all costs. Set up price alerts for your flights on and keep an eye on it. Doing the research will get you so excited for the trip that you will have no trouble saving up funds for it!


In the end, we believe that having a family shouldn’t keep you from your dreams of adventure and wanderlust!

Jenn & Rich



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