25 Jan Jamaica me crazy!

Sometimes all you need is a stress-free all inclusive vacation!

No planning, no itineraries, no car rentals or public transportation, just a lazy catered vacay!

Last May, Richard and I went to Jamaica for our buddies Julie and Jesses wedding! Personally, I am a huge fan of destination weddings, make the fun last a week, why not?

I have been on multiple all inclusive vacations; Cuba, Puerto Plata and Mexico. I have never really been disappointed! Of course it depends on how open minded you are to different food, cultures and ways of life. I am all for hoping on a plane, land somewhere hot and beautiful, be fed, served drink after drink and not having to go to work, do dishes or make my bed!

For Julie & Jesses wedding we went to a resort called “Grand bahia Principe” in runaway bay, Jamaica. What a beautiful place this is! The service was always stellar and the drinks were always good! You could find food at any time of the day, and there is always something going on.


This resort was very well organized, the had a coach bus waiting for us at the airport with a representative who would hand us our bracelets, room keys, à la carte reservations, and other information while we drove to the resort. When we arrived, we received a welcoming drink and they held our luggage in a room until our rooms were ready. The ladies at the front desk provided great service.

Food at this resort was quite nice! You have to keep in mind that resources on islands like this are not what they are back home. Therefor, you can’t expect the same kind of food, embrace the difference and remind yourself that you are visiting another country. Keep an open mind, and try new things!


Grand Bahia principle has an amazing jerk chicken shack on the beach. It is quite hard to find the first time around. Walk towards the beach and stay to the left side and you will notice a small outdoor restaurant. Be there early, the line up gets quite crazy, but it is worth the wait! YUM!

Between hanging out at the pool and playing “beach pong” at the beach, we had a couple crazy moments that resulted in pictures that may never be posted anywhere. Haha! Needless to say, we all enjoyed the drinks! Our advice, invest in a waterproof, shockproof point and shoot camera.


Here are a couple things you should always bring on all inclusive vacations:

1- A Bubba mug. We all brought 20 oz bubba mugs, all different colours! Resorts will serve you drinks in small, very small, plastic cups. By the time you get to your chair you are done drinking the thing. Do yourself a favour, it will keep your drink cold and tasty, and it will save you from having to get off your chair to get another one.

2- A floaty!!! Want to tan, maybe read, drink or nap without having to steam in the sun? Bring a cheap floaty! You can get one for less than 10$ at large surface stores! When you are done with it at the end of your stay, give it to someone who doesn’t have one. You will not regret this one!


3- Tips! Plan some change for tipping, its no secret you will get better drinks and service if you tip.

Here are 10 items you didn’t know you needed on an All inclusive vacation!

If you can’t stay put, and start to feel restless, book an excursion! Its a great way to get off the resort property stress free! In my opinion the catamaran day excursion is always a great option. You can’t go wrong really…. a bunch of great people on a boat, unlimited drinks, beautiful ocean, music and snorkelling! Most of these day tours include a lunch as well.


Check out our post on Catamaran tours!

The wedding was beautiful! We didn’t actually see the bride and groom before the wedding, they were so busy with all the pre-wedding appointments that we didn’t get to hangout with them until the wedding day!

The ceremony was in a pergola by the water, they kept it short and sweet and it was followed by a glass of champagne and one or two group pictures! They had steel drums playing versions of newer songs, it was quite pleasant! Julie and Jesse had over 70 guests at there wedding, Woah! Thats a lot of peeps!

The reception was like a dream, by the water, beautiful lighting and great food! They had a private DJ and bartender. The party went on and on. It was a great time! If you are thinking of planning a destination wedding, this resort is definitely a great choice!


Make sure you pick the right travel agent to plan your destination wedding, as amazing this wedding was, they had multiple issues with the agent they had hired. The general consensus of all guests was that the agent was impossible to get a hold of. They wouldn’t return calls in a timely matter. It was frustrating at times.

As far as airlines go, we had no issues. There was a delay on our flight back, where we had to wait in the aircraft for almost an hour. At the time it felt like we had been in that plane for weeks! But really, what can you do?

This whole vacation was a hit! Of course there are ups and downs, but for the most part, an all inclusive vacation is what you make of it! Keep an open mind, surround yourself with amazbawls people and you can’t go wrong!

Everyone needs to getaway sometimes, fulfill your wanderlust!



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