Our experience at Tommy’s Not Here Restaurant

11 Feb Our experience at Tommy’s Not Here Restaurant

In Sudbury, when you are looking for a quick date night, a good restaurant is always a no brainer! Last night Richard and I thought we would try out Tommy’s Not Here restaurant in the south end. We had heard lots of great things about this place and finally found time to to book a reservation. 12695581_10154068821778394_48392938_o

First off, when you decide to go there (you will by the end of this article 😉 ) you should make a reservation. This charming restaurant is on the smaller side, which we liked. It gives you the feeling of dinning in someones home. Dress nicely! It’s not because you’re in Sudbury that you can get away with tracksuits in high end restaurants.

The wine selection is excellent, lots of bottles to choose from and the service is knowledgable.

We always share two appetizers, because frankly, I can never just chose one. Haha! This time, we chose the Beef carpaccio and the 12422229_10154068821488394_146423929_oCaprese Bruchetta. Both were amazing. The beef was tender and the Bruchetta was tangy and fragrant! If raw beef isn’t your thing, they have lots to choose from!

The had great daily specials but I opted for Wild Mushroom & Ricotta ravioli and Richard went with the 12oz. angus strip loin steak. The ravioli was to die for, full of fresh mushrooms covered in a sun dried tomato cream sauce. Richards steak was also very good, it was served with roasted potatoes and vegetables, and was cooked perfectly.

For dessert we shared the Hot c12696377_10154068821328394_1384415228_ohocolate fudge cake. While I wanted to take a picture for this post, unfortunately we ate the whole thing without even thinking about it. We apologize for that! It was a delicious hot fudgy treat, it reminded us of a molten lava cake, served with vanilla ice cream.

Needless to say, we had a great time, ate amazing food, enjoyed great service and we will be back soon!


Thank you Tommy’s Not Here for a great date night!

Jenn& Rich

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