Our experience at Tucos Tacos lounge

17 Feb Our experience at Tucos Tacos lounge

12754820_10154083826533394_218459386_oEver wonder where to go for a nice beer and nachos? Or a margarita and tacos? Richard and I did just that at Tucos Tacos lounge yesterday! The service was amazing, Kelton showed good knowledge of the menu and ingredients, gave us a personalized service and offered great suggestions. The music and atmosphere were great, the food was even better! And everything is vegan! What? Yes! Open your minds and give it a try!


First off, lets talk drinks! This place has an amazing selection of localy crafted beer! There signature margarita is delicious too! As your server, they will help you pick a great beer that will satisfy your craving! 🙂


The Nachos are a real treat! Vegan, but creamy, cheesish and delish! You really must try them before you knock em’! They are full of flavour, textures and goodness! I quote Richard when I say “These are the best Nachos I have ever had, they taste like summer in my mouth!”. Well said, well said Richard! You must try these!



How for some vegan Tacos!!! The Phish Tacos where our favourite! Battered and deep fried avocado! Soooo creamy and Tasty! We also had the Mayan, guacamole and grilled pineapple with a little kick! What a treat!

Tucos Tacos lounge had a great patio for you to enjoy in the summer months! Margarita, great beer, amazing nachos on a killer patio, what’s better than that?


If you want extra zip, they have an outrageous collection of hot sauces! The combinations are endless!
Looking for a great place to hangout, have a beer and enjoy great food that just happens to be vegan? Tucos Tacos lounge is your place! Try it out! Trust us on this one!




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