The BIG Itinerary! – Our 36 day Italy & Greece trip

24 Feb The BIG Itinerary! – Our 36 day Italy & Greece trip

Richard and I have been planning this big trip for over a year now! It is one of the reasons why we decided to start a travel blog! We have done lots of research on different areas of both countries and have picked which places we wanted to stay, and for how long! By posting our detailed itinerary we hope that you will follow us on this adventure! We will be posting pictures on our Facebook page as well as posting a couple videos and blog posts along the way!

Here it is everyone, our Italy & Greece 2016 Itinerary:

April 11th 2016-Day 1

-We fly from Sudbury to Toronto, we then take a flight from Toronto to Venice with a stop in Istanbul.

We are scheduled to Arrive in Venice at 18:20 on April 12th! It’s an 13hr flight! (I know!! We’ll let you know how that goes)

April 12 to 16 – DAY 2 to 6

Venice AirBnB

Venice AirBnB

For this city we don’t really have much planned other than walk around, get lost and eat great food! Maybe watch some Italian theatre or Opera.

Accommodations: AirBnB apartment rental in the heart of Venice.


April 16th to 18th 2016-Day 6 to 8

We will travel by High speed train from Venice to Bologna, arriving in Bologna at 11:00 am! Just in time for lunch in the food capital of the world! Again, our plans for bologna are not pre determined, wander off, and eat a lot! Cured meats, cheeses, apperitivo and  tons of wine!

Accommodations: Great AirBnB apartment rental for our stay in Bologna! With a central location, wifi and laundry!


April 18th to 20th 2016-Day 8 to 10

Travelling by high speed train again to Florence in the heart of Tuscany, arriving at 10:30. We are sad to be spending only two short days here, but we have more places to see! On the first day we will wander and enjoy the landscapes and the wine of course!

AirBnB Florence

AirBnB Florence

On day 9 we booked a semi-private wine tour through Chianti regions with GrapeTours! We are pretty excited about it! You’ll have to stay tuned for the details! 🙂

Accommodations: Beautiful AirBnB apartment rental for our stay in Florence, centrally located with all the amenities we need!


April 20th 2016-Day 10

Early on Day 10 we will hop on a train to Pisa! We are only in Pisa for about 4 hours, just enough time to have lunch and take a picture “holding up” the tower! We arrive in Pisa at 11:00.

April 20th to 23rd 2016-Day 10 to 13

View from the AirBnB in Vernazza

View from the AirBnB in Vernazza

We will be using two trains to travel from Pisa to Vernazza in Cinque Terre! We will have to change trains in La spezia. Cinque Terre is a UNESCO heritage protected area. A group of 3 fishing villages hanging off the side of cliff on the west coast of the country! You must look it up! Lots of hiking, eating, swimming and sunbathing planned here!

Accommodations: We have rented an amazing AirBnB in the piazza with the only balcony above it, an ocean view and all the amenities we could possibly need!


April 23rd to 25th 2016-Day 13 to 15

At 07:30 on Day 13 we will be departing towards Naples. Takings 3 trains to get there! Changing trains at La spezia and Rome, we are scheduled to arrive in Naples around 14:30. Hopefully we don’t experience delays or get lost at train stations! We bought silicone wine glasses to be able to have a bottle or two on the way! (Oh yeah, you can do that!!)

Naples AirBnB

Naples AirBnB

We don’t have anything planned for Naples either other than taking a day trip to the Island of Capri and go up this chair lift that everyone talks about! Frightening!

Accommodations: We have rented a small AirBnB studio in the heart of Naples!

On Day 14 we have rented a small vehicle (Smart car or Fiat) to get to our next destination! We would’ve rented it for the next day but we found out it was a Holiday!


April 25th to 28th 2016-Day 15 to 18

Amalfi Coast AirBnB

Amalfi Coast AirBnB

Early on Day 15 we will be departing Naples for our Amalfi Coast road trip! We will be visiting the ruins of Pompei somewhere along the way, and cruising down the coast enjoying the sun and the beaches! We hear the seafood is amazing around there! We’ll keep you posted on that one!

Accommodations: We have rented a breathtaking AirBnB apartment in Conca dei Marini. With a stunning view over the

cliff side and wifi, I will be sure to post a couple pictures for you guys!


April 28th to May 2nd 2016-Day 18 to 22

Rome AirBnB

Rome AirBnB

On Day 18 we will return the car rental in Naples and take a high speed train to Rome. We will arrive in Rome around 15:00. Rome has so much to offer, museums, ruins, tours, restaurants, nightlife and tons that we don’t even know yet! We are buying a RomaPass, which will allow us to use all public transportation and visit 2 museums of our choice for free and we will get discounts on other museums!

Accommodations: Another amazingly well located AirBnB rental with laundry, wifi and other amenities!


May 2nd 2016-Day 22

We will fly from Rome to Athens. We are scheduled to land in Athens around noon! We have arranged a car rental at the airport!


May 2nd to 3rd 2016-Day 22 to 23

We will be spending the night in a standard hotel near the Athens airport for this night as we will be leaving in the morning for our Greece mainland road trip!

Accommodations: We rented a room at Thomas beach Hotel for 1 night!



May 3rd to 5th 2016-Day 23 to 25

We will make our way to Delphi in the morning to visit the oracle and enjoy the landscapes! We spend two nights here to be able to leave bright and early the next morning!

Accommodations: We have rented a room at Vronos hotel for the two nights.



May 5th to 6th 2016-Day 25 to 26

Pineas Hotel

Pineas Hotel

On day 25 we will drive north for about 6hrs to get to Kalambaka and visit the meteora and there monasteries! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get ready to be amazed by the stature of these structures! Stay tuned for pictures!

Accommodations: We have rented a room at Pineas Hotel for the night! We will need good sleep after a big day like that!  This hotel offers an amazing view of the meteoras!


May 6th to 7th-Day 26 to 27

We will drive to Olympia and visit the site of the very first Olympic games! We don’t stay here very long, but we couldn’t just drive by!

Accommodations: We have rented a room at Anesi rooms for rent for the night!


May 7th to 8th 2016-Day 27 to 28

On day 27th, on our way to Corinth we will stop and visit Sparta (for Richard of course). Then we will make our way to Loutraki, just past the Corinth canal. This canal separates the continent and serves as a big gateway for import and export, cruise ships also pass through! It’s an impressive canal! Look it up!

Accommodations: We rented a room at Hotel Segas for the night!



May 8th to 11th 2016-Day 28 to 31

Athens AirBnB

Athens AirBnB

We will drive back to Athens and return our car rental. Athens has lots to offer, ruins, a new archeology museum with a glass floor, great restaurants and even better night life! We are excited to browse around this ancient city and take it easy after our big road trip!

Accommodations: We have rented a romantic AirBnB apartment!


May 11th to 13th 2016-Day 31 to 33

Vencia Boutique Hotel

Vencia Boutique Hotel

We will embark on a fast ferry to the island of Mykonos early in the morning! Beaches, bars and parties are on the menu for this destination! Great restaurants with amazing views! Unwind and celebrate this great adventure!

Accommodations: We have rented a dreamy room at Vencia Boutique Hotel for our stay in Mykonos



Athina luxury suites

Athina luxury suites

May 13th to 16t 2016, Day 33 to 36

On day 33 we will take a fast ferry to the dreamy island of Santorini! Now this stop is made for beautiful sunsets, great wine, some cliff side pool time and relaxing! Great restaurants with a view to die for and maybe a 4 wheeler rental to explore the island a little.

Accommodations: We have spoiled ourselves with a luxury hotel room at Athina Luxury suites.

May 16th 2016-Day 36

It comes to and end! We fly from Santorini to Athens bright and early at 06:30. We then embark our flight to Toronto arriving at 15:00, and then flying back to Sudbury that evening!

We hope you follow us around! Join us on twitter @2forksintheroad and on Instagram 2_forks_in_the_road and be sure to like our Facebook page (link up top)!






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