Top 10 destinations on Our bucket list!

08 Feb Top 10 destinations on Our bucket list!

So many places to see, so many options and so little time! Building a realistic bucket list can be challenging. But seriously, we can all dream a little!

Here are the top 10 destinations on our bucket list!

1- Italy: 

There is something about the history, the culture and the food that is terribly attractive to us! But I think, above all, the contrast between regions is what sold us. Lets be serious though, the wine is what bought my vote! 😉

2- Greece:

I have been to Greece when I was in high school. Unfortunately, back then, I was more interested in getting to a beach than soaking in the overwhelming history. The very beginning of civilization!

**STAY TUNED** Richard and I are leaving on a 36 day long trip to Italy & Greece in April! We will be blogging while away, and posting pictures on our Facebook fan page. Be sure to sign up for our Email list and LIKE our fan page to be part of the adventure!

3- Amsterdam, Netherlands:

There is something charming about this city. So much opportunity for adventure. Picture spending a week in a house boat on the main canal, great night life, surrounded by beautiful architecture and open minded people!

4- Thailand, Laos, Vietnam:

I have grouped these together because we plan on making them one big backpacking trip! Pad thai, what? Soups, broths, multi cultured food, that all sounds great to me! A floating market? A floating flower market! Beautiful beaches and hiking spots!

5- England & France:

Paris and London are just two of the many cities worth visiting in these two European countries! This trip will be a food packed one! Cheese, wine, pastries and romance! I can not wait! Rent a bicycle, take a romantic stroll at night, stop for a coffee and late night snack! I can only dream about it for now, but it will come!

6- Spain & Portugal: 

Amazing nightlife, great beaches and even better food! One day we will be learning spanish dancing in a night club surrounded rich culture and beautiful music! How romantic is spanish music? I know, I know… The wine there is amazing too!

7- Ireland & Scotland:

Castles, castles and princes and princesses! Yes please! Luscious green valleys and medieval towns, what is there not to love?! Pubs and beer are a good reason to visit I suppose, but I read that there is lots more to theses countries than just a good brew! Redheads do know how to party apparently! 🙂

8- Iceland:

Richard convinced me to put this one on the list! No, it’s not just a big piece of ice apparently! A colleague of ours had a layover there recently and says that it is worth it’s own trip! Beautiful landscapes, blue lagoons and natural hot springs are among some of the beautiful things to see in Iceland!  I am sold! Plus, one of the airlines that services the area offers cheap flight into Europe, maybe you might want to check it out!

9- India:

This one isn’t really high up on Richards bucket list simply because he doesn’t think he could handle the food! One of our friends travelled to India on a humanitarian project and absolutely loved it. The richness in the culture seems to be reflected in the food and traditions. I sometimes dream of all the spice markets and fragrances. I would kill to add Indian knits to my scarf collection!

10- Costa Rica & Central America: 

Beach front hotels, cute hostels, hammocks and drinks, great coffee, zip lining, snorkelling and much much more, Central America is packed with fun travel options. And it’s affordable! Next time, instead of booking an All Inclusive, plan yourself a custom beachfront Costa rica vacation! I look forward to renting a scooter and zipping around the country side! 🙂

What’s on your bucket list? Share your dreams with us!


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