28 Jan What to pack in your Carry-on when traveling to an All Inclusive resort!

Whenever we go on All Inclusive vacations, Richard and I put a lot of thought in what to pack in our carry-on! Our advice is, before you decide what to pack in your carry-on, check out what time you will be arriving to the resort! Because if you arrive before check in, they will actually store your luggage in a locker room until your room is ready. And more times than not, your luggage will be hard to access and that locker will be full on unprepared travellers going through their suitcases to find these items! Don’t be that person!

12636990_10154030400508394_1041907710_oIf you arrive at the resort at 9am but don’t get your room until 3pm…what do you do? Sit around in the lobby in your jeans and runners, sipping on drinks? No no no! Here are a couple tricks to help your first day but just as magical as the rest of the week!

1- Use your beach bag as a carry-on bag!: As long as its durable and has a zipper it will work perfectly as a carry-on!

2- Sample size sunscreen! : You can find these in drug stores or even save up some small sample packages they hand out in magazines and stores.

3- Flip flops! : Do you really want to wear your winter boots for hours in 30+ weather? I think not! 🙂

4- That Bubba mug we told you to buy! : I don’t really have to explain myself at this point! Here’s where to get them!

5- Bathing suit, cover up/T-shirt : The first thing you will want to do is eat… you need to cover up a little for that, and then you’ll want to swim and drink out of that bubba mug in the ocean! 🙂 Find a washroom and change out of your winter attire.

6- Entertainment! : For the flight of course! Pack a good pair on headphones, some music or a book! It just makes the ride more enjoyable.

7- Toothbrush & sample size toothpaste: You will thank me for this! After a long flight, and lets face it, if you arrive at the resort easy its because you left home REALLY early!

8- A pen or two! : PLEASE, please, don’t be that person who has to borrow peoples pens to fill out the immigration card on the plane! Bring your own pen, it’ll save you from having to beg strangers for one. I even pack 2 so I can lend one to the poor soul who forgot theirs.

9- A pack of gum! : If your ears tend to pop on flights, try chewing gum  on takeoff and landing. It seems to have been helping Richard and I lots!

10- A scarf or sweater: Layering is one of the best ways to ensure that you will stay comfortable during your flight. I really like wearing large scarfs, because you can make a pillow out of it, or use it as a blankets or even to cover your eyes for a delightful nap! 😉

Hopefully this list improves your trip experience! Make sure to share with us your tips for packing the perfect carry-on!


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