19 Jan 10 must have gadgets for backpacking Europe!

Planning on backpacking Europe? If so, good on you for satisfying your wanderlust! The definition of backpacking can vary from traveller to traveller. Richard and I are planning a big 36 day long trip to Italy & Greece and even though we have a pretty well planned itinerary, we are only bringing two 40litre backpacks.

(Keep an eye out for “How to plan an month long European travel itinerary!” and “How to pick the perfect backpacking bag!” posts coming soon)

We plan on taking our bags as carry-ons. Therefor, with airline restrictions for weight and size we had to become very creative with the things we could bring with us.


Here are 10 useful gadgets we found to help us enjoy our trip:

1- Compact/collapsible water bottle: These bottles are practical and will save you quite a bit of money! Instead of buying a water bottle or two each day, just refill this cutie! It is very compact, easy to pack, and weights virtually nothing.


2- Pocket earth PRO: This app will be your saviour almost anywhere in the world. Upload city maps, directions and save important locations at home, and access it all offline overseas! It works with your data and wifi turned off using GPS functions in your phone! It will give you directions as any other GPS unit. Very practical if you are renting a car!


3-Portable batterie charger: This one is a no brainer! When you rely on your phone for directions, there’s nothing quite worse then it dying on you in a remote location. Have one of these handy and you will never have to worry!


4- Wall plug adapter/converter: Please don’t forget to pack one of these! Invest in a compact and lighter weight one! They tend to weight quite a bit! This is one is a necessity, if you want to be able to use any electric or electronic device.



5- Mini hair straightener: If you are like me, and refuse to look like a scarecrow in Venice, Rome and Milan, invest in one of these! Very compact, sure it will take you a little more time to get that perfect look, but at least you’ll manage!


6- Crumple maps: These are pretty awesome! Super durable, waterproof and you don’t have to fold them. Just crumple them up in your bag! The weight nothing and, lets face it, pretty cool! Find them here!


7- A spacious cellphone: Next time you upgrade your cellphone, invest in more storage space! Why carry a point&shoot camera if you can just use your phone! Plus, with the next APP in the list you will warm up to the idea of using your phone for pictures!

8- Print studio APP: This one is pretty sweet! Upload pictures on this app, edit them and send them off to get printed! They have an array of different formats. From polaroid style to mini squares to big posters, they have it all. You can order frames and even photo albums! With very reasonable prices and flat delivery rate, it has became one of my favourite tools! When you have wifi access, in your hotel room, upload your weekly pictures in trendy formats and have them shipped home! They probably will be waiting for you when you return!


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