10 Tips for Travelling as a Couple

05 Feb 10 Tips for Travelling as a Couple

Even in a normal weekly routine you probably don’t spend as much time with your significant other as you would on a trip! It can be challenging at times to spend so much time with each other without being able to escape to your work place. Haha! We will share some of the things we do to keep each other sane on long vacations!


Here are 10 tips for travelling as a couple:

1- Compromise:

There is usually one person who plans the bigger part of the trip, keep in mind the other persons interests. Don’t forget that this is meant to be fun for the both of you! If you are into long walks on the beach and he is more of the JetSki kind of guy, maybe find time for both, or compromise by going kayaking.

2- Respect the silence:

Talking is good, but sometimes silence is great. Don’t assume that if your partner is quiet, that they are thinking about leaving you or wondering why you are being so annoying. Chances are, they are soaking in the view or simply enjoying the moment. Silence is good, embrace it!

3- Leave each other space:

If you are on a week long vacation or even longer, it is not wrong to take some time separately. If one wants to read a book on the patio but the other one wants to visit a museum or take a bike ride, so be it. You will be better for each other after a little break. As long as being apart is safe where you are.

4- Make time for date night:post42

This may sound ridiculous since you are on vacation together. But when you think of it, unless you are on a beach
vacation, alone, just the two of you, you’re probably busy with friends, children or visiting monuments and museums. Take time for each other, one on one, dinner for two, a bottle of vino… It’s important!

5- Chivalry isn’t dead:

Small romantic gestures are always appreciated. Even on a long trip overseas. Write him/her a charming post card and send it home for when you return. Buy her flowers at the flower market, get him a cheesy souvenir you know he’ll enjoy. Small things, they matter!

6- Keep your cool! :

Things don’t always workout the way you planned on long trips. Keep your cool when things don’t workout. Don’t take it out on each other, instead, embrace it and make the most of the delays, cancellations. Turn yourselves around and find another plan! It’s supposed to be fun after all!

7- The hunger rule!:post19

When someone is hungry nothing functions quite right! Hangriness is a thing! People get fussy and impatient! As soon as someone mentions that they are hungry, you must feed them! Haha! Just remember this one!

8- Don’t criticize:

If the trip isn’t what you expected but your other half is having a blast, don’t bust their bubble! That just not nice! Make the most out of it, and let at least one person enjoy the vacation. Don’t spend the whole time nagging at everything. Who knows, maybe seeing your partner have so much fun will change your mind about the experience!

9- Speak up!:

No, if you are hungry or rather do a different activity or there is something that is not scheduled that you would like to explore, speak up! By speaking up I don’t mean nag about everything that is not what you expected (see above). If there is something that you want to do that wasn’t brought up, mention it, or else you probably will regret it. The whole point of travelling is to live with no regrets, isn’t it?!

10- Plan it together:

Avoid the resentment or disappointments. Make sure you are both somewhat involved in the planning. It will give a change to both people to add some elements and make it so much easier to get along once you are there. Compromise and find activities that both will enjoy!


Going on long trips together, one on one, isn’t always easy. Just remember what you are there for! Making good memories, and being part of an adventure!

Tell us how you manage to travel as a couple!




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