5 Reasons you should visit Bologna, Italy – 2 Forks In The Road

09 Apr 5 Reasons you should visit Bologna, Italy – 2 Forks In The Road

Bologna, not “Baloney”! This large city in Northern Italy was one of Richard and I’s favourite stops when we visited Italy last year! The famous Bolognese sauce originate here! If you are planning to travel to Italy anytime soon, or not so soon, you MUST visit Bologna! Here are 5 reasons why we think you shouldn’t skip it!

1-The Architecture! 

This city is FULL of old buildings, cobble stone streets and squares. Walking around here will make you feel like you have jumped back in time. Bologna is quite big, our favourite spot was the historical centre of course!

2- The Markets!

When you picture Italy you imagine loads of little street-side fresh markets. Well bologna, we found, had the most variety of little shops. We had rented an AirBnB with a little kitchen and planned on buying local ingredients and cook from “home”, but of course that didn’t happen! Haha Why? Check out the next point!

3- The Food!

Oh My Heavens! The food here is INCREDIBLE. Bologna is also known as the “Food Capital of the World”! Instead of making our own food in our AirBnB we decided to try out restaurants that our host suggested and we did not regret it! Everything is good here, walk around, stop and eat!

4- The Nightlife!

This place is magical at night! Walking down the narrow streets riddled with little trattorias and bistros. A glass of wine and a platter of cured meats and cheese while watching people walk by… Can you even ask for more?

5- The squares!

In Italy, the squares are where people gather for various events or even just to casually sit and “people-watch”. Thats just what we did! On the weekend the streets in the historical centre where closed to vehicles, street performers were out and children were running around tables at local cafes. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Bologna was definitely one of our favourite spots in Italy! Far less touristy than Rome and seemed more authentic than Venice. I am not telling you to skip the classic destinations, but maybe make some space for Bologna on your next trip to Italy!


Jenn & Rich

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