Advice for first time Travellers – 2 Forks in The Road

22 Feb Advice for first time Travellers – 2 Forks in The Road

Travelling shouldn’t be stressful, it should be a fun adventure from the time you start planning until you return home. If you are planning your first trip, Congrats! You will return a changed person, travelling is addictive! We have to admit that the first travelling out of the country, flying for the first time can be nerve recking. We have some advice for you first time travellers…

1- You first have to figure out what kind of traveller you picture yourself being. This will determine the type of destination you want to explore, what kind of accommodations you will go for and how much you will pack. Check out our recent article “What type of traveller are you?” .12736989_10154095216333394_1688868826_o

2- Invest in a sturdy backpack or Suitcase. Whatever the type of trip you will embark on, you will need a sturdy bag to carry your belongings. Cheaping out here might lead to you picking up your undies on the baggage claim carousel! Ish.. No thanks! I go for lightweight suitcases in an original colour to help identify yours when comes time to pick it up. As far as backpacks go… Osprey offers a wide selection of high quality bags for different types of travel.

3- Make a packing list, and trash 1/3 of it! I know, it’s sad. But you are travelling, no bringing the whole house with you! Pack what you NEED!! Plan outfits ahead of time, packing clothes that can function in multiple outfits and be worn in different occasions will save you some space! Be mindful of airline weight limits!

4- Bring a day bag! Wether it’s a beach bag, a large purse or a small backpack, a day bag will carry all your daily items. Your passport, camera, water bottle, maps and electronics. Plus, it will provide a place to stash all those souvenirs you will buy at the market!

12755366_10154095217973394_1774855857_o5- Print and Organize confirmation documents! This is important, you might have all those things stored on your phone…what happens if that phone goes missing or dies on you? Yeah….. Don’t put yourself through that! Print all your confirmation documents and stash them in your day bag! That way, you’ll have a backup plan! Some businesses still require print outs anyways! Save yourself the headache!

6- Planning is part of the fun! All Inclusive or backpacking trip, either way, planning is fun! Packing lists, pre-trip shopping, researching your destination… it’s all part of it! Embrace it! Here’s an article to help you plan the trip of your dreams!  Check it out!

7- Arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight if you are travelling out of your own country! If you are flying within your country an hour ahead should be fine! Airports have lots to offer, duty free shopping is always fun! You will find different restaurants and cafes! Be careful not to spend your whole budget here!

8- Don’t worry! Go with the flow! Travelling is fun, and addictive! You will be coming back for more and more! Sit back and embrace the little misshapes! Travelling truly changes people, there is more to life than the world you live in! Check out this article on how travelling changes you!  

Is it your first time travelling? What questions do you have? Let us know!


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