Are All Inclusives the Fast food of travel? – 2 Forks in The Road

12 Mar Are All Inclusives the Fast food of travel? – 2 Forks in The Road

When it comes to travelling, if you ask an avid backpacker what they think of All Inclusive resorts, they will tell you that they are the fast food of travel. Is this true? Are well settling for sterile travel experiences, the easy way, non cultural trips?


When you think about it, All Inclusive resorts cater to a specific public. They have to try to satisfy picky eaters and make their food as closest to American/Canadian as possible to get great reviews. It’s no secret that people believe that Cuba offers a mediocre food quality… but really, they are probably the only ones who don’t import most of there food from the USA. The reason why most like the food in Dominican republic, Mexico and Jamaica better is probably because their food is Americanized.

Even the entertainment and music are fit to satisfy us, foreigners. If resorts would offer truly local flavours and entertainment and stick to their local culture, they probably wouldn’t be as successful. The general public doesn’t like change, most of us don’t like to try new dishes, or even open up to different music.

If you get off resort at any of those places, you will get a better feel of what the food and culture is like. They have cities, streets, “downtowns”, festivals, parties, concerts, local restaurants and theatres. You can find local beaches, some untouched and less commercial looking.

It costs virtually the same price to book a flight and a nice seaside villa or condo and visit a local market, cook meals and mix your own drinks! Rent a vehicle, drive around and see the true culture of the area! You can find tree houses, beach cottages, apartments and a whole bunch of exciting accommodation options on AirBnB, you can use this AirBnB link for a 28$ discount on your first rental! post1

So.. is it really the Fast food of travel? I can’t really say it is. But we have to realize that by visiting these places we can’t go on and tell ourselves we’ve visited and seen these countries… because really, all we have done is seen a nice hotel and have been catered to on a nice commercialized beach. Most of these resorts belong to rich people that don’t come from these countries.

I am all for All Inclusives, there is something quite soothing about booking a trip, paying one price and having it all covered, from food to drinks, to activities. But if you’re not convinced that custom travelling is for you, maybe we should make a point in leaving the resort once in a while, rent a car for a day, drive around and see the area as a local would!

What do you think?


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