Hotel VS AirBnB – 2 Forks in The Road

15 Feb Hotel VS AirBnB – 2 Forks in The Road

While planning accommodations for a trip you probably go straight for the traditional hotel, right? There’s tons of great hotels out there and you can always find a deal somewhere. But have you considered renting through AirBnB? We will discuss with you the Pros & Cons of each, hopefully we can inspire you to try something new and unexpected!

Hotels VS AirBnB


Hotels: When looking for a hotel, personally I look at a combination of reviews, location and price. It is sometimes hard to find a good balance between all 3. Generally speaking, if the hotel is well located, you will pay $$$.

AirBnB rental we booked for Amalfi coast

AirBnB rental we booked for Amalfi coast

AirBnB: When booking on AirBnB website, you can enter specific filters and zoom in on the map to see only the places that are convenient for you. You can do that on most hotel booking sites as well, but in my experience, it is much easier to find a balance between reviews, location and price on AirBnB.


Hotels: They are generally not very practical. Most don’t have a kitchen, or laundry. Some hotels offer a laundromat and a restaurant, but that can become very pricey!

AirBnB: On the website, you can add multiple filters. From A/C, to Wifi, laundry, to a full kitchen, you can stay in the house of your dreams if you’d like.

Group Travelling:

Hotels: You could book way ahead of time to arrange multiple rooms on the same floor. Or if you are travelling with another couple, you could share a room. But where’s the fun in that?

AirBnB we reserved in Athens

AirBnB we reserved in Athens

AirBnB: On the website, you can adjust the number of rooms you would like to see in the available apartment. You can find mansions that sleep 10 people or more. There are lots of 2-3 bedrooms apartments, in great locations, with full kitchens, laundry and multiple washrooms!

Security deposit:

Hotels: Hotels always freeze an amount of money on your credit card for a security deposit. With a set budget, it is sometimes hard to deal with the frozen funds on your credit card. I find it stressful not really knowing when the money will become available again.

AirBnB: Some places require a safety deposit, but most do not! It is listed on the website. There is no confusion. Be reassured, the website has a very secure payment method. There is no cash exchange done in person. It is all done by credit card on the website.


Hotels: The nice thing about hotels is that you can just walk in anytime of the day or even during the night to book a room. It is very practical if you are improvising this trip of yours!

AirBnB: With AirBnB, you would have to book the rental at least a couple days ahead or, some exceptions accept last minute reservations. You have to arrange a meeting time with the host. If you have to check in late or in the night you will most likely be charged a fee.

Check In & Check out:

Hotels: With hotels check-in & Check-out is a pretty flawless task. You can arrive at any time you want and just drop your keys at the front desk when you are ready to go.

AirBnB: With AirBnB rentals, you will have to meet with the host to get the keys for the apartment. It is usually a pretty easy task. They will send you directions or will meet with you somewhere.


Hotels: Hotels may provide a great service, but it is standard service. They will be able to provide you with information on the tourist attractions. Some hotels will include Wifi, parking and/or breakfast.

View from the AirBnB we booked in Vernazza

View from the AirBnB we booked in Vernazza

AirBnB: With AirBnB you will actually meet with a local in person. Most likely the owner of the apartment you rented. The vast majority of hosts will have a document with a list of there favourite local places to eat, grocery stores and other “off the beaten path” attraction. Some will include breakfast, usually pastries, coffee, milk, bread and such available for you in the kitchen. Sometimes they will even leave some complimentary wine!


Hotels: Being away from home is already an adventure in itself. Hotels usually offer the same general hotel feel, some will offer a great view with a balcony, some will be very rustic and vintage.

AirBnB: Why not make your accommodations part of the adventure? A boathouse on the Amsterdam canal? A desert pod house in Arizona? A treehouse in Tuscany? An Igloo? Or a huge mansion on a cliff in Thailand? The options are endless! You can even rent your own private Island ($$$$ haha)! It’s worth a look!

When it comes to planning a trip we suggest you look at all your options before committing to just any accommodation! The adventure is limitless. Check out this link to AirBnB for a promotion code, you will save 28$ on your first rental!


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