How to Survive a long flight! – 2 forks in The Road

24 Mar How to Survive a long flight! – 2 forks in The Road

There are countless blog posts out there on the topic. But really, long flights always suck! That’s all there is to say! We all have tricks to make them less terrible. Richard and I will soon embark on a 13 hrs long flight ourselves and we thought it would be appropriate to share our tips and tricks with you all! Here are a couple tips we have for you so you can survive a long flight!

Pack a great carry-on! 

What’s a great carry-on? A great carry-on is full of essential survival tools! For example, face wipes.. Makeup or not, your face will thank you after 7 hours in a dry, germy incubator. A great book is also an amazing tool! When you drained your phones, Ipods and Ipads battery you will be happy you have a non-battery powered source of entertainment! Lets face it, no electronic device keeps a 14 hour charge… Unless you pack a portable battery charger! Talk about an amazing gadget! Snacks are also great to stash in your carry-on, YES yes… it’s allowed as long as it’s wrapped and not liquid. Even your moms left over potato salad in that crapy container.

An amazing playlist!

Seriously! Take some time before you leave to make a great playlist for the flight! Some relaxing tunes to help you sleep, or some upbeat ones to keep you in a positive mood when that baby behind you decides do breakout in a tantrum!

Pick your seat! 

Don’t wait until you check in, you don’t want last pick do you? Trust us, sitting in a last pick seat for 14 hours will not make your trip any more exciting! Use to find out the pros and cons of each seat! You’ll be more informed and most likely be more satisfied with the whole experience. This website will look up what aircraft model your flight is scheduled to have and it will let you compare seats. It’s pretty neat!

Comfy clothes!

Obviously don’t be that person wearing pyjamas! But now a days, some classy looking clothes actually feel like pyjamas! Don’t look like a slob! You never know who’s watching! 😉 Wear thick socks, it gets cold and it will promote circulation.

post37Avoid caffeine! 

You really don’t want to be up for the whole flight! I know, I know… you’re excited for your all the adventures to come!! But seriously.. You wanna be awake for them don’t you! Avoid the coffee and tea! They will dehydrate you and keep you awake, a terrible combination for a long haul flight!


Pack an empty bottle and fill it up after you’ve passed security. You won’t have to pay 20$ for water and you’ll be able to enjoy refreshing water during your flight without having to ask the attendants for a tiny glass of water each 10 minutes! Staying hydrated is supposed to help with jetlag and keep you looking fresh!


There you have it! It’s not rocket science folks! Long flights are not fun, but when you think of it, they are usually the beginning of a big adventure! Or the ending of one.. then you have great memories to reminisce! What tricks do you have to make long flight bearable?



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