Our 6 favourite Travel Blogs! – 2 Forks in The Road

08 Mar Our 6 favourite Travel Blogs! – 2 Forks in The Road

Travel blogs are a growing trend, not many make it very far. It takes dedication, long hours and a passion to share it all! We can only hope to grow to be as successful as the ones who inspired us to take a shot at being Bloggers! Here is a list of 6 Travel blogs that you need to check out!


1- The Blond Abroad : Keirsten built this empire of information around travelling and making it a business to inspire us! She is cute, confident and full of energy! While being part of her adventures, she makes you feel like you are right there with her! She left her career in corporate finances to travel the world. And we thank her for that! You can find her articles all over Twitter and Pinterest!


2- The broke backpacker : Want to know how to travel on the cheap? Want to hear it exactly as it is… no sugar coating! Will is your man! Following him on snapchat is probably one of the most interesting things I do in a day. Being part of all the adventures, the good, the weird, it’s something special! Want to learn how to travel with 12$ a day, including flights? Check him out!


3- Hopscotch the globe : Kristen and her team at Hopscotch the globe are the ones who inspired me to start a Travel blog of my own! The website is beautiful and packed with useful and entertaining content! They write award winning articles but also publish exciting videos guaranteed to make you want to pick up and explore!



4- Nomadic Matt: This guy is a resource! He has written an award winning travelling book “How to travel the world on 50$”. A great read by the way! His blog is almost as entertaining as travelling! You will feel like you are there with him! He provided us with tips and tricks to help us be better travellers! If you plan on backpacking or already are, I’m sure Nomadic Matt can teach you a thing or two!


5- Hippie in heels : This one is a beauty! Inspiring pictures, well thought articles and all that with a hint of glam! Rachel Jones inspires us to visit places we never thought of going to before! The pictures she posts on Facebook everyday will convince you that your apartment is too small to be your whole life! You must become part of her adventures!


6- Goats on The Road: These two are living our dream! Truly! Nick and Dariece are two canadians who started this blogging thing and turned it into a lifestyle! They have made traveling there life and are working off there laptops while exploring the world! Their journey is inspiring! This couple makes you realize that no dream is too big!


There are tons of travel blogs out there! We follow more than 20! All of them are amazing, these are the ones that have inspired us to join this community and who knows, one day be as big as them!


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