22 Jan Sail off catamaran style!

One thing that we always do during all inclusive vacations is a Catamaran day trip! It truly never fails!

Cuba, Dominican republic, Mexico or Jamaica, it never disappoints!

When in Jamaica, we opted for the Dunn river falls catamaran tour! It was quite the day! A coach bus picks you up at the resort early in
the morning. You are guided to the marina where you will board the catamaran, for this tour we had to bring water shoes, sunscreen and a towel. Don’t bring valuables as you will have to leave your belongings on board while you snorkel.


You are greeted by a super enthusiastic crew, be ready to party! Lay your towel down, sit near the front nets, its by far the best spot on the boat! Enjoy the ride! Make sure you wear lots of sunscreen and that you stay hydrated.

You will stop to snorkel, the equipment is provided and you must wear a life jacket on most tours. I like to snorkel without the mouth piece, otherwise I spend more time surfacing with a mouth full of salt water than I do admiring the reef! Lets face it, your diet does not need more sodium!!! The most colorful reef I have seen so far was the one in Cayo coco, Cuba! Don’t get me wrong, it’s always spectacular, but Cayo coco was breathtaking!

In Jamaica, we sailed for a couple hours then stopped at Dunn river falls. I got to watch my friends hike up this stunning waterfall, hand in hand! Unfortunately, because of a knee injury, I had to watch my friends from the stairs. It was still enjoyable, I had a good view of the falls and my friends down bellow!


The deck crew then pumped up the party and started serving lots of drinks, I mean LOTS of drinks! Music, people dancing, the beautiful view… what more can you ask for?

Then then dropped us off at Margaritaville! If you go to Jamaica, you HAVE to go here, wether its on an excursion or you decide to just take a cab there, you really must! Its a beachfront restaurant that offers great food, entertainment, great music, an amazing beach, beautifully tasty margaritas and above all, a SUPER AWESOME water slide! Wait what?! Yeah, that’s right, a water slide!!! Be warned, this slide is fast, lightning speed! They also have an aquatic trampoline. It’s quite the party place! Richard and I had burgers, mind blowing! Others had taco salads, which they enjoyed a lot! I’m a huge sucker for a tasty Margarita, and this place satisfied my cravings!


Most catamaran tours include drinks, 2 or 3 snorkelling stops, all the equipment necessary, shuttle to and from your resort and lunch. Most offer lunch on board, sandwiches, cold salads and sometime shrimp and lobster. Some have packages

like the one we did in Jamaica that bundle up a couple activities like hiking, zip-lining, jeep safaris and museums.


Regardless of where your all inclusive destination is, if you want to leave the resort for a day, look up the catamaran tours that are offered!

Share with us your catamaran experiences!



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