Top 7 Places to visit in Greece – 2 Forks in The road

06 Feb Top 7 Places to visit in Greece – 2 Forks in The road

When visiting Greece, most people stick to Athens and the classic (Cliché maybe?) Greek Islands. When we visited in Spring 201613177090_1099893660051912_2173001969180342067_n we decided to spend time on Greek mainland and discover Greece from another angle. If you are planning a trip there in the future, you must check out these 7 places!

1- Athens

Of course you can’t go to Greece and not visit Athens with its beautiful monuments and array of interesting restaurants. You will have to get up early to beat the crowds and the heat. You must visit the new museum of archeology! You can see the archeological site under the museums glass floor! Unreal! Instead of staying in a hotel, check our AirBnb , They have fully equipped apartments in amazing locations for less than your average Hotel! Trust me!

2- Delphi 13151756_1096125103762101_434750072211031949_n
Rent a car and drive north to Delphi! This small, picturesque town is perched high, high up in the mountains! Seriously, high up there, we met some mountain goats! This town offers views like no other and authentic Greek food! (Try Moussaka, yum!) Here you can take a walk along the mountain side and visit the ruins of Delphi and admire what is left of the temple of Apollo.



3- Kalambaka 13164201_1097363770304901_7605181949705163932_n-2

Keep driving north, admire the Meteoras, stop for pictures and enjoy the beautiful winding roads! The drive alone is worth the detour! But what you really don’t want to miss are the monasteries, perched high up in the sky on top of impressive rock formations! Take it in, because pictures won’t do it justice.



4- Olympia13138986_1098568523517759_5295236590412285698_n

Of course you wouldn’t want to skip this little town! Beautiful restaurants lined up on a charming main street. Here you will find the ruins of Olympia, the site of the first Olympics! Literally walk around the Olympic village. It’s a pretty impressive site!



5- Loutraki 13164266_1099187050122573_5055255533370878821_n-2

This small town is right on the ocean, you can admire the most amazing sunsets from the boardwalk. Enjoy a beautiful meal, grab a Gyro and sit on the beach or have a romantic dinner and watch the sunset! But what you must not miss here is the Corinth canal. A deep, deep and narrow canal that is used to facilitate import and export. Walk across the bridge a gaze down to the passing ships, or bungee jump if you dare.



6- Mykonos 13221481_1101928539848424_7528263635235448136_n13102825_1101280999913178_2129713621024547100_n

This Greek Island is a short ferry ride away from Athens. It is known for its nightlife
and party beaches! People from around the globe gather here in the summer for extravagant beach parties! We visited in shoulder season and enjoyed the peace and quiet! Rent a quad and drive around the Island, do some beach hopping! You must stay at Valencia Boutique Hotel ! The pool and the poolside bar will win you over! Mykonos town is so charming and offers so many delicious restaurants, just walk around!


7- Santorini 13239371_1103680269673251_8239125425038030534_n

Of course, yeah yeah, this is a total cliché. But you can’t really go to Greece and not at least stop in. We stayed three night at Athina Luxury suites in Thira! We did not regret it one bit! The most stunning view over the caldera and amazing personalized service! Rent a quad again and drive around the island, visit vineyards and breweries. Go wander around Oia, the next little town.

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