What NOT to do on a Flight!

16 Feb What NOT to do on a Flight!

Nobody wants to be that person…The person who annoys passengers and disrespects the flight crew. Lets face it, on any adventure, the fun really begins when you board the plane! Don’t be that person ruining it for everyone! A good friend of ours recently told us about her experience on a recent flight and inspired us to write this blog post! Here’s what NOT to do on a flight:

Do NOT disobey the rules: 12675135_10154080545513394_89537050_o

When the seatbelt sign is lit up, just sit down, put your seatbelt on and relax. It’s pretty simple, they even mime you a cute demo of all the rules before you take off.

Do NOT spread out: 

It may be tempting to spread out as if you were in your living room when the seat next to you is vacant. But seriously, don’t do it! Frankly, you just look ridiculous and arrogant.

Do NOT kick the seat in front of you:

It’s tight, we all know. But the person in front of you doesn’t need to be reminded of how long your legs are each time you move. There is no reason to make others suffer, be polite.

Do NOT put your dirty boots on the seat:

If you really must, take your boots off. A good friend of mine had the honour of flying with this colourful character recently. Get up to go to the lavatory if you need a stretch… There is no need for this!

Do NOT shove people:12699216_10154080545623394_909728151_o

When it’s time to get off the aircraft everyone just wants out! All the passengers are excited to get off the plane. The general etiquette is that you let the travellers in front of you get out of their seats and walk out before you head out. Shoving people out of the isle won’t get you anywhere faster. Shivery is not dead.

Do NOT disrespect the flight crew:

They are normal people, doing their job. If they have to remind you to buckle your seatbelt or pull your seat up it’s probably because you weren’t following the rules anyways, so be polite. It’s all for your safety in the end! Talking back to them or giving them attitude will lead you to nothing and make for a very awkward flight.


There it is! What do people do that annoys you on flights? Let us know!


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