What type of traveller are you?

19 Feb What type of traveller are you?

Everybody travels, some more conservatively and some travel boldly. But everyone has left there home town at least once, either on a road trip, an All inclusive, a humanitarian mission or a big trip overseas! If you are one of the small percentage of the population who hasn’t left their home town, you must try it out!  While you travel you will come across other travellers that chose to do things differently. What kind of traveller are you?


There are different opinions on what a backpacker truly is. When you picture a backpacker you think of someone living out of a backpack, riding the seat of there pants, improvising as they go, jumping from hostel to hostel. But some backpackers chose to avoid the hostels all together and camp out on trails, stay out of civilization and embrace the wilderness. While other backpackers live out of a backpack but travel via train from city to city staying in various hotels and apartment rentals. The truth is, travelling with a backpack only offers you more flexibility, you don’t need to be checked in to a hotel to enjoy activities because you can carry all your belongings on your back! And generally, you will pay less for your flights if you don’t have to check luggage!


Glampackers are the ones who carry suitcases, sometimes larger than average. Glampackers will typically have everything you could imagine packed in there heavy suitcase. They will never be caught off guard! Glampacking is great if you are travelling to a single destination for your whole trip! If you are going to stay in the same hotel on the Vegas strip for a week, then pack away, you’ll need those cute shoes, the hiking boots, the nice dress, the hair straightener…..and 40 pounds more…

All inclusiver:

All Inclusivers like no-nonsense travelling! Pay one price, bring some change for the occasional tip and enjoy the ride! Pack as much as the weight limit will allow you to, and 40 bikinis! Here’s a list of things you didn’t know you needed on All Inclusives! All Inclusivers enjoy beaches, drinks and not doing any dishes!

Organized tour traveller:

The organized tour travellers are the ones who enjoy travelling in classic tourist areas but don’t want to go through the fuss and stress of planning it all themselves. These travellers enjoy being surrounded by new people and make friends. There are tours out there for all age groups in all kinds of countries! Some even include your flight and airport transfers, all the tours and museums. Thirsty for adventure but enjoy the safety of others!

Road tripper:

Road trippers can just pick up and go anytime! They are the type of people to look at a map and find a new adventure! It is a great way to travel when you have children or on a tighter budget! You can now even rent hip travel vans to road trip around the continent! Road trippers can either be planners or unpredictable. Some will plan a trip ahead of time, others will get out of bed and drive off on the open road! Either way, a good playlist is paramount!


Richard and I are a combination of multiple types. Myself, I used to be an All Inclusiver and glampacker! Richard was a definite Road tripper! Since we have met, we have grown into quite the travellers and enjoy all types of travelling!

What type of traveller are you?


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